African Diaspora


African Diaspora

“We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us.”

At the mention of Africa Diaspora what rush to most people’s mind is Africans forcefully taken out of Africa to the plantation through slavery. It is wrong and unjust to tag badge of force movement to people of African descent found in other continents, such believe is erroneous since force movement is just one out of other forms of diaspora movement. Long before force movement there had been other forms of diaspora movement outside and within Africa, in other words force movement of Diaspora Africa is at the bottom of the ladder of Africa Diaspora movement.

In pyramidal order free movement sit conveniently at the top, followed by internal migration, and lastly forced movement generally hyped and placed above other predating Diaspora movement. For the sake of clarity it is pertinent, I elucidate on each of the Diaspora movement starting with Free movement.

Free movement at the proto-historical period is the first kind of Diaspora movement out of Africa this movement out of Africa took place at the Homo Sapiens Sapiens stage of evolution 40,000 years ago these were Africans that moved out of Africa to explore and by extension to populate other parts of world (it is part of these same Africans that moved out of Africa that later mutates to other race but as it is the combined duo of politics and racism has turn everything upside down). It should be borne in mind that at some point in history humanity was represented by Africans “Blacks” alone no other race to compete or share the large space on earth.

This free movement account for people of African descent found in other places of the world with no history of slavery (it is also important to note that in the Americas there were Africans who migrated from Africa to America living and trading side by side with the natives centuries before the disastrous coming of the Europeans: They came before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima will throw more lights on that).

Africans belonging to this category are to be found in Australia, Oceania, Asia most especially India and Americas. This account for some of the reasons why all gods worshiped in ancient times were of African type.

Next is the second form of Diaspora movement Internal migration i.e movement or migration within Africa. This form of migration is seldom talked about or not talked about at all. It is a known fact that some of the ethnic groups of Western, Eastern and Southern Africa migrated to their present place of habitation from ancient Egypt (kemet) and Nubia or ancient Ethiopia (Meriotic Sudan). In their various traditions of origin they say they came by the way of the great river (river Nile) or they came from the East examples to be found among Yoruba, Dogon and others. This tradition among the natives is often misinterpreted.

Various scholarly works, especially Eurocentric scholarship disconnects these people from their origin and places them in alien terrain such as Middle East, Atlantis and what have you all in effort to erase memory of “Black” Egypt (Kemet) the origin of civilization. It is the same prejudice view of African History that informs the demarcation of Africa into North and Sub-Sahara Africa to further comfort themselves with the obnoxious believe that “Black” Africa is the flip side of enlightenment. Nonetheless, through scientific approach to the study of African History it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that ancient Egyptians were “Blacks” and that their descendant populated other parts of Africa as a result of alien incursion. Thanks to the works of Chiekh Anta Diop, TheophileObenga including non-African Historians of good faith who embraced the field of Egyptology.

Next is the regrettable and painful Diaspora movement: The force Movement. This movement for various reasons is peculiar firstly it promote the “Negro Myth”: that Africans from ancient times found in other parts of the world got there through slavery, secondly the period which this regrettable movement took place overturn the table of arrangement between races which has continue to set standard in modern times and dominate political and social affairs among African, European and other races. This period in history of humanity and African history was period of horror, great tragedy (Maafa), as Pan African scholars rightly put it The African Holocaust.

It was period of fear, pain and sorrow as people of great historical past and achievement, descendants of initiators of civilization (who late initiates other civilizations) were turn commodity of commerce to be bought and sold. The obnoxious trade went on for centuries, Africans were stripped off mother Africa and deposited in different plantations to be worked to death in order for the capitalist to ensure maximum profit. Africans were stolen in their millions to the new world (home of the native Indians).

It is estimated that 40-100 million people were directly affected by slavery via the Atlantic and Trans-Saharan routes. Some historians conclude that the total loss in persons removed, those who died on the arduous march to coastal slave marts and those killed in slave raids, exceeded 65-75 million inhabitants remaining Africa at the trade’s end. Over 10 million died as direct consequences of the Atlantic slave trade alone. But no one knows the exact number many died in transport, other died from disease or indirectly from social trauma left behind in Africa.

Africans Diaspora in this category are to be found in North, South and Central America and Caribbean Islands.

Some of the legacy of force movement are loss of cultural identity, crude falsification of African history, disunity among Africans at home and in Diaspora as a result of vacuum created by forced movement of Africans and assimilation into other culture just to mention a few. However, there are several Pan African groups worldwide working 24/7 to bridge the gap between people of African descent worldwide in order to guarantee brighter and rewarding future for Africa and Africans worldwide and to bring back home lost brothers and sisters to the motherland and ultimately to join hands together in slashing at the claws of imperialism and to free Africa from the suffocating embrace of neo-colonialism.

Another form of Diaspora movement not included in the pyramid is the voluntary movement of Africans out of Africa in modern times. This is Kind of movement whereby Africans willingly move out of Africa in search of greener pasture, for educational purpose and for other reasons.

“Africa now… Yes, there’s disappointment, pain, and sorrow. But I say to myself, when was it in the last 500 years that Africa has not been in great pain and sorrow and disappointment? The answer is, very rarely.” –Chinua Achebe



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