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The African people’s struggle for liberation started in the 1400’s when the continent was invaded by Europeans. Subsequently, millions of Africans were taken to the Americas as slaves. The African people’s struggle against white (European) domination produced leaders such as Toussaint L’Ouverture who defeated the French in Haiti in the 1700’s. This article will deliberately omit the invasion of ancient Egypt by the Hyksos and by Alexander before the Common Era as well as by the Muslims with their Jihads in the seventh century in the Common Era.

In South Africa, our struggle for liberation started when the Dutch people from Europe landed in this country in 1652. It did not start even with the establishment of the South African Native National Congress, the ANC’s predecessor in 1912, or with Nelson Mandela. Waves and waves of European invaders from England and other countries continued to come to South Africa and…

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