Ila In Yorubaland

Ila In Yorubaland Tribal marks are cicatrices called Ila in Yoruba language, They have been around for about (as reported) 200years when they became the vogue, they were used primarily for beautifying the face and body, there is this saying “tita riro lan’ko ila, toba jina tan adi oge” (Translated as the process of having … Continue reading Ila In Yorubaland



CHAPTER 2 PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIETY IT IS OBVIOUS from the foregoing skeleton history of philosophy that philosophy could very easily come to be divorced from human life. It becomes so abstract in certain Western universities as to bring its practitioners under the suspicion of being taxidermists of concepts. And yet the early history of philosophy … Continue reading Consciencism: CHAPTER 2 PHILOSOPHY AND SOCIETY

Book of The Month: Consciencism

Dedicated to The Members of my Philosophy Club, without whose encouragement and assistance this book would not have been written.     AUTHOR’S NOTE Since the publication of the first edition of Consciencism in 1964, the African Revolution has decisively entered a new phase, the phase of armed struggle. In every part of our continent, African … Continue reading Book of The Month: Consciencism

The Tasmanian Genocide

Lest We forget...The Tasmanian Genocide. Thanks Oliver Hall for leading me to this information. "An old woman lay dying in a white-walled room, upon a white bed, surrounded by whiteskinned doctors and nurses. In all that whiteness, her dark skin glistened affirmatively; even with the sweat of death on her face, a dominant vitality seemed … Continue reading The Tasmanian Genocide

Wetin united inside United Nations?

"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." -- Adolph Hitler   “Let gets now into another underground spiritual game” Fela Let get now into another underground yap intellectual game. In the song “Beast of no nation” by the Afrobeat genius, Legendary Fela anikulapoKuti aka Abami Eda released in 1986, shortly after … Continue reading Wetin united inside United Nations?