World Politics

Wetin united inside United Nations?


“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” — Adolph Hitler


“Let gets now into another underground spiritual game” Fela

Let get now into another underground yap intellectual game.

In the song “Beast of no nation” by the Afrobeat genius, Legendary Fela anikulapoKuti aka Abami Eda released in 1986 shortly after he regained his freedom from prison.

He posed the question: Wetin united inside United Nations?

What’s united about United Nations?

He went further to question the character of those who paraded themselves as leaders in the international organization such as Ronald Regan, an ardent admirer of apartheid in Azania (South Africa), who also was at war with Libya, at the time, and Margret Thatcher who went to war with Argentina over Falkland, and other members of the organization who were at each others’ neck yet they are all members of an organization allegedly united.

Here Fela sing: Wetin united inside United Nations?

What’s united about United Nation

Who and who unite inside United Nations?

No be there Thatcher and Argentina dey

Are Thatcher and Argentina not members

No be there Regan and Li-bi-ya dey

Are Regan and Libya not members

Is-i-raeli vs Lebanon

Israel vs Lebanon

Iran-I oh vs Iraq-i

Iran vs Iraq

East West block vs West Block East

East vs West

Dis-united United Nations

Fela considered the organization as majorly un-democratic and wholly unhealthy as one veto power can hold back or halt decision taken by the majority in the organization.

Fela: one veto vote is equal to 92 (or more – or more)

Fela conclude by asking: what kind of sense be dat (What kind of sense is that)

What kind of sense informs such undemocratic, autocratic and dictatorial manners in which the organization manages and organizes it affairs?

He answered:   na animal sense

It’s animal sense

This song by Fela was based on the current events in the organization at the time 1986.

From 1986 till date a lot has changed in the organization for them to remain the same perhaps worst. Prior to 1986, (when Fela asked the million dollar question) and after the organization had been rendered useless by a plethora of wars among member states, especially wars or aggression led by permanent security council members and allies under different guise depending on the situation and countries involved. These wars one way or the other question the relevance of the organization and throw it ability to curtail more wars and check excesses of the super powers in serious doubt. The organization since 1945 when it was established has only been able to achieve very little or no success in its quest to bring about unity among nations, world peace and stability.

The reason the organization achieved very little or no success in its long while of existence is not farfetched. It’s simply because the bedrock of the organization the UN charter, its foundation is shaky. It places more relevance and value on some members than the others, it empowers some at the expense of the others. Apparently, the minority valued more than the others (the majority) are the veto powers, interestingly 3 of these members were founding fathers of the organization who bestowed unto themselves veto powers and later grant Russia power to veto for obvious reasons. China was the only country elected as veto power in the organization others are self-imposed.

What the organization has done successfully over the years is monopolization of the machinery of aggressive wars and deposited them with few nations to take on the rest of the world. Of course the UN is there to facilitate domination of the world by any means necessary. World domination certainly won’t come about through peaceful negotiation but through the barrels of guns, drone strikes and detonations of all kinds of bombs.

According to Gadhafi’s speech at the 2009 UN summit presided over by Libya:

The United Nations was founded by three or four countries against Germany at the time. The United Nations was formed by the nations that joined together against Germany in the Second World War. Those countries formed a body called the Security Council, made its own countries permanent members and granted them the power of veto. We were not present at that time. The United Nations was shaped in line with those three countries and wanted us to step into shoes originally designed against Germany. That is the real substance of the United Nations when it was founded over 60 years ago.

One then understand why the UN fails in its bid to bring about world peace and stability. From all intent and purposes the UN was not founded to bring about world peace and stability it was to make easy world domination by bringing together all nations under one umbrella.

Hypocrisy in the organization is of the highest order to be matched by none. According to Gadhafi as at 2009:

Sixty-five wars have broken out since the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council — 65 since their creation, with millions more victims than in the Second World War. Are those wars, and the aggression and force that were used in those 65 wars, in the common interest of us all? No, they were in the interest of one or three or four countries, but not of all nations.

These wars include North Korea, Iran, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Granada, Panama, the Philippines, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti,  Entebbe, Somalia, Israel-Lebanon, Colombia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine just to mention a few. This list doesn’t cover the uncountable secret Pentagon/CIA covert operations and assassination plots in the rest of the world, which the 1966 coup that topple Kwame Nkrumah and assassination of Murtala Muhammed made the list.

If the United Nations is truly united who then fought those 65 wars? On whose interest were those wars fought? From 2009 till date there are plenty of wars to talk about Libya for example. Of course it was “humanitarian war” to usher in western democracy unfortunately the world no longer cares about what happen after the “humanitarian war.” The bad governance and ethnic cleansing ushered in by the western democracy in Libya does not interest anybody, not even the human right watch. It’s the blind spot of international Medias who campaigned massively for this war.

The Syria war is still ongoing with thousands of dead victims and millions rendered homeless, turned refugees overnight in urgent need of humanitarian support of the world. Pathetically, the UN doesn’t think providing humanitarian support to these people and solving the Syrian crisis through dialogue is more important than passing resolution for no fly zone or arming Syrian rebels. ICC still has no warrant for Bush, Cheney, Blair and others for their respective roles in war of aggression against Iraq.

Somalia in a very long while is yet to taste peace, the drone strikes are not helping issue but UN doesn’t think it matters; Mali, Afghanistan and Pakistan are still on our radar.

I’m not one of those faithful who believe the recent Israel-Palestine talks taking in the US will yield anything positive. The “big boys” don’t negotiate and when they do they don’t sacrifice anything or “lose” history bear my witness. How many times have Israel and Palestine dialogue?

A closer look at the organization reveals the organization is more of dis-united nations organization or at best partially united. Common sense dictates a group of United Nations settles their dispute peacefully at all time and not warring most of the time there’s a conflict of interest or making case for war basing their rhetoric on phrases such as “illegal but legitimate” as the case was in Kosovo or “humanitarian war” in the case of Libya just to mention a few.

One of the most painful political conflicts messed up by the UN was the Congo, internal crisis fermented by Belgium and US governments. The UN troops played a role more or less similar to supervisory of the vicious murder of Patrice Lumumba in 1960 which prolong the country’s reign of terror; unredressed suffering of the people starting from the time of King Leopold, of Belgium, and the passing of the baton to Mobutu Sese Seko, to further continue pillage of DR. Congo on behalf of powerful western nations who then gave him all the support and protection he needed.

Today millions have lost their lives in DR. Congo the UN is yet to take one decisive step against those whose hands are stained in Congolese bloods like genocidal governments of America, Uganda, Rwanda, multinationals operating in the country and others who are responsible for decades long atrocities committed daily against the people of Congo.

While the UN could intervene and messed up things in favor of the vested western power interest in Congo, Somalia, Libya etc in the name of humanity and democracy it fails to intervene and send troops to defend the defenseless in racist apartheid Azania (South Africa) and Palestine victims of Israeli apartheid for the sake of humanity and democracy rather those racist apartheid governments enjoyed the supports of the most powerful nations in the UN.

Unfortunately the hypocrisy of the UN does not interest most people. It is the proverbial elephant in the room everybody pretends not to see. Everybody contends to comfort themselves with the illusion of an almighty “United Nations” capable of solving world crisis with all fairness.

The believe in the abilities of the UN to tackle world problems especially political conflicts (that benefits the western nations at the expense of the victims) with all fairness and sincerity is illusory albeit a dangerous one.

Blind faith in this UN is a disservice to those victims of its ineptness in Congo, Palestine, Syria, Libya etc it time we realize we need to do more if we truly desire better a world, jumping on the bandwagon of “humanitarian war” every time the western medias beat it drum is certainly not the way to go by.




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