Little known black history

Little known black history:

After the people of Haiti won their freedom from France in the Haitian Revolution, one of the leaders of the war, a Haitian by the name of Toussaint Louverture, gave millions of dollars to a European sea captain by the name of Stephen Girard. The purpose of the money was to buy arms.

Haiti was just the first stop towards freedom planned by the black slaves of Haiti. These Revolutionaries also had plans to carry the war to end slavery all the way back to Africa itself.

So the services of Stephen Girard as a sea captain who knew where to buy arms and munitions was secured.

Not long thereafter, Toussaint was captured by the French government and imprisoned in France. Stephen Girard then refused to return the money to Toussaint Louverture, his relatives or to the people of Haiti.

He essentially STOLE the money.

Mr Girard came to America and settled in Philadelphia. And quickly became the wealthiest person in both the city of Philadelphia and the entire country. Girard Avenue in Philadelphia is actually named after him.

He even opened his own bank and became America’s first private banker. Hmmm, wonder where he got the money from?

Later he founded Girard College, a private school for disadvantaged white boys only. It took years of pressure and lawsuits against the school, until finally, 16 years after the Civil Rights movement, the school very slowly began to integrate and allow black students in.

Kind of ironic for a school that was founded on stolen money from black Haitian revolutionaries.

via Hope for Africa.


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