African History



Oduduwa: Odu (Womb)
Dudu (Black)
Iwa (Character)

Odu to dudu to da iwa (Odu/du/wa).
‘Odua,’ simply stand for Oduduwa, when abbreviated. Oduduwa people are Yoruba’s from Ile Ife, the cradle of all Yoruba people. Hidden mystery of creation. Which some of us called the “myth.” The black in relationship to the womb, Simply signifies, ‘mysteries of Creation.’ Oduduwa as a whole, suggest what is essential to man’s creation and his environment.

Oduduwa migrated from Egypt according to oral tradition from the Aleketu’s. Oba Aleketu is a direct descendant of Oduduwa. What is evident today to conscious Yoruba minded person, is that. Whatever culture Oduduwa brought to ile ife from Egypt. The culture and tradition of the people he met in Ile IFE, was superior, advance and completely consume his Egyptian culture and tradition.

One can still see some similarities in the Egyptian culture and Yoruba culture today, although controversial.
The Yoruba people has a unique culture that was based on the principle of Omoluabi (Character): Iwa loba awure: good character is the greatest talisman by Dr. Gbadegesin.

Omoluabi is still a character expected and required from every Yoruba man. I can not say that about Egyptian culture. Do not forget Obatala according to IFA (system of divination of Yoruba people), is the progenitor of the indigenous people of the earth, according to Yoruba’s.

Oduduwa seems to suggest a settler from somewhere else in Africa, who met and lived with the native of Ile Ife and surroundings. Odua agbe wa O! ( the spirit of Oduduwa would continue to aid us all). It does not matter where he came from. What matters was that, through his wisdom and leadership. We were reborn through an ‘Odu (Spiritual Womb) protected by mystery, ‘Dudu (black) and a unique ‘Iwa’ (Character). Today! Yoruba people are the Odu to dudu to da iwa. And it all started from, ile ife.

BY: Odua Balogun Kakanfo (OBK).


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