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Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: Founding President of the PAC of Azania Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe

Ma Veronica Sobukwe captured the essence of her late husband’s core mission in life when she chose the apt inscription for his gravestone: “True leadership demands complete subjugation of self, absolute honesty, integrity and uprightness of character, courage and fearlessness, and above all, a consuming love for one’s people.”

Using a political lens, the kernel of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe’s contribution to public discourse in South Africa may best be understood as revolutionary thought leadership.

He noted early on, that in African history some chiefs and traditional leaders had, of their own free will, participated in the sale of their subjects to slave traders. They had showed no care for the well-being of their own people, and gleefully focused on self-enrichment. They collaborated with foreign invaders to entrap African people and turn them into beasts of burden. They were invariably used as pacifiers to help get little or…

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