Shackles On My Mind

Juju Films

It is claimed out of the mouths of fools, babies, idiots and madmen comes truths and wisdom. So let’s take a madman like Donald T Sterling who spoke the truth the way he saw how successful Black people don’t reach back to empower their community.

When the general public heard the TMZ released recordings the culture automatically reacted with the “taking the fight to the messenger” approach. His peers fined him, forcing him to sell his business and subjecting him to a public flogging for his bad behavior, thoughts and language. This a man the NAACP were busy washing and kissing his feet and on his way to receiving his 2nd lifetime award. Yes two lifetime awards to a man many in Los Angeles County knew for who he is.

As a culture we now subject people who speak their minds to such public lynching, yet we are forced…

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