Does  an  African Philosophy Exist?

The  Egyptian  Contribution  to  World  Philosophical  Thought In  the  classical  sense  of  the  term,  a  philosophical  thought  must  bear  out  at  least two  fundamental  criteria:  1. It  must  be  conscious  of  itself,  of  its  own  existence,  as  a  thought. 2. It  must  have  accomplished,  to  a  sufficient  degree,  the  separation  of  myth from  concept.  Through  examples  given  … Continue reading Does  an  African Philosophy Exist?


Economic Exploitation During Colonial Period

Introduction Europe’s imperial incursion into Africa in the 19th century is generally referred to as “New Imperialism”. Scholars have attributed different motives to the spread of Europe’s imperialism and subsequent colonization of Africa. Some scholars believed that humanitarian concerns, the need to end slavery by introducing legitimate commerce, to “civilize” the “backward” races of Africa, … Continue reading Economic Exploitation During Colonial Period

The Black Colonists

Bro’s and sisters, if you want to know how corrupt this country is, that word “corruption” has lost its meaning here! –Fela Anikulapo Kuti Colonialism is a system of economic exploitation, political domination and also of cultural suppression, under the guise of “civilizing” mission and service to humanity. Colonization of African countries by the Europeans … Continue reading The Black Colonists


#IfSlaveryWasAChoice Colonialism may not have happened Balance of world power may not have been lopsided Africa may not have been mere source of raw materials Africa may not have been a third world continent Africa may be seen, treated and recognized as equal #IfSlaveryWasAChoice Racism may not be in the world “Black” may not have … Continue reading #IfSlaveryWasAChoice

Not Yet A Nation: Contemporary Nigeria from Historical Perspective

Contemporary Nigeria from Historical Perspective Nigeria is a country in the western region of Africa, with population of 170 million inhabitants but according to recent UN estimate, Nigeria has 184 million populations. Whatever the case may be Nigeria is the most populous “Black” country on earth and also one of the most ethnically diverse countries … Continue reading Not Yet A Nation: Contemporary Nigeria from Historical Perspective

What are slaves?

Slavery is a state of being or existence where man ceases to be master of his own destiny, it is a situation where an individual becomes property of another to be used and discarded, and for centuries millions were used and discarded, as one would an object. Man from time immemorial subjugates fellow man for … Continue reading What are slaves?