What are slaves?

Slavery is a state of being or existence where man ceases to be master of his own destiny, it is a situation where an individual becomes property of another to be used and discarded, and for centuries millions were used and discarded, as one would an object. Man from time immemorial man subjugates fellow man … Continue reading What are slaves?



LANGUAGE AND THE DESTINY OF MAN By Chinua Achebe In his long evolutionary history, man has scored few greater success that his creation of human society. For it is on that primeval achievement that he has built hose special qualities of mind and of behavior which, in his own view at least, separate him from … Continue reading LANGUAGE AND THE DESTINY OF MAN

The Tasmanian Genocide

Lest We forget...The Tasmanian Genocide. Thanks Oliver Hall for leading me to this information. "An old woman lay dying in a white-walled room, upon a white bed, surrounded by whiteskinned doctors and nurses. In all that whiteness, her dark skin glistened affirmatively; even with the sweat of death on her face, a dominant vitality seemed … Continue reading The Tasmanian Genocide