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Book of the Month: Age of Reason

PART FIRST. IT has been my intention, for several years past, to publish my thoughts upon religion. I am well aware of the difficulties that attend the subject, and from that consideration, had reserved it to a more advanced period of life. I intended it to be the last offering I should make to my … Continue reading Book of the Month: Age of Reason

Birth of the Negro myth

Birth of the Negro myth by Cheikh Anta Diop When Herodotus visited it, Egypt had already lost its independence a century earlier. Conquered by the Persians in 525, from then on it was continually dominated by the foreigner: after the Persians came the Macedonians under Alexander (333 B.C.), the Romans under Julius Caesar (50 B.C.), … Continue reading Birth of the Negro myth

Can African People Save Themselves ?

My father was a slave and my people died to build this country, and I'm going to stay right here and have a part of it, just like you. And no facist-minded people like you will  drive me away from it. Is that clear ?   Paul Robeson 19 Can African People Save Themselves ? … Continue reading Can African People Save Themselves ?

Chi in Igbo cosmology

  Chi in Igbo cosmology by Chinua Achebe There are two clearly distinct meanings of the word chi in Igbo. The first is often translated as god, guardian angel, personal spirit, soul, spirit-double etc. the second meaning is day or daylight but it most commonly used for those transitional periods between day and night or … Continue reading Chi in Igbo cosmology

Wole Soyinka: Abiku

Wole Soyinka Abiku Wanderer child. It is the same who dies and returns again and again to plague the mother – Yoruba belief. In vain your bangles cast Charmed circles at my feet I am Abiku, calling for the first And the repeated time.   Must I weep for goats and cowries For palm oil … Continue reading Wole Soyinka: Abiku