Preface (2003) Nine years ago, in the spring of 1994, I wrote an afterword for Orientalism in which, in trying to clarify what I believed I had and had not said, I stressed not only the many discussions that had opened up since my book appeared in 1978, but also the ways in which a… Continue reading Orientalism

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Book of the Month: Fateful Triangle

FATEFUL TRIANGLE The United States, Israel and the Palestinians By Noam Chomsky Foreword Fateful Triangle may be the most ambitious book ever attempted on the conflict between Zionism and the Palestinians viewed as centrally involving the United States. It is a dogged exposé of human corruption, greed, and intellectual dishonesty. It is also a great… Continue reading Book of the Month: Fateful Triangle



"The relentless and repetitively compulsive Israeli attacks over the past decade suggest that the Israelis are making innocent Palestinians pay for the savagery of the Germans 70 years ago.  Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, in fact, began in 1948 with the “Nakba,” the “catastrophe,” when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced from their homes… Continue reading #PrayForGaza


In Solidarity with Gaza

  "Israel claimed that it has the right to self-defense, but an occupying power does not have the right to self-defense; it has an obligation and a duty to protect the civilians under its occupation." -NOURA ERAKAT As the death toll of Palestinians, keep rising the apartheid state of Israel, unfortunately intensifies bombardment of the Gaza… Continue reading In Solidarity with Gaza